NF57 KNURL - Lathyrism C60

KNURL - Lathyrism C60

There are artists in electronic music who succeed in creating their own language within their project, each release serving as a stepping stone to associate images and symbols with sounds and ideas. Alan Bloor, whose sound experiments with Knurl began in 1993, has pushed this concept beyond the norm, creating a new discourse allotgether within his music. Knurl pushes semiotics to a further degree than language alone, establishing a full constitution with sounds and images. Enter Lathyrism: An absolute swansong of Knurl's offerings. No difficulty whatsoever in listening to it's sixty minute articulate cacophony of  amplified saw blades, distortion, and meticulously amplified scrap metal and layering with home made metal instruments. Ferocity reminiscent of  only the finest moments of any Macronympha, Incapacitants, or Killer Bug recordings, it's arguable that Knurl's flow of sound is at times unmatched. Lathyrism delivers Knurl's truly unique and potent aesthetic, in full form still after almost thirty years of rust and corrosion, the basic structure of Knurl still remains. Let Lathyrism serve as proof of the concept. Professionally duplicated tapes with shell imprinting with A6 sleeves in plastic bags. Edition of 100.

NF58 Goat - Goathrone C56


Goat - Goathrone C56
"Similarly, when the Lules or Tonocotes Indians of the Gran Chaco were attacked by an epidemic, they regularly sought to evade it by flight, but in doing so they always followed a sinuous, not a straight, course; because they said that when the disease made after them he would be so exhausted by the turnings and windings of the route that he would never be able to come up with them." Texas Harsh Noise Legend GOAT returns from six years of silence to deliver Goathrone. Birthed in 2014, Goathrone is now unleashed at a strategic moment in time and history. End times prophesies materialize in many forms, but not so many so often as now. Enter the temple of Goat and sit upon the Goathrone. Experience the fourty-nine minute sermon of  transcendentalist face crushing scrap metal distortion. The original beast is here to give you this blessing. Professionally duplicated tapes with shell imprinting with A6 sleeves in plastic bags. Edition of 100.

Nefarious Activities Issue #2 (Terror Cell Unit,Bacillus,Subklinik) 30 Pages B/W Zine

Nefarious Activities Issue #2
                 Issue 2 of Nefarious Activities zine is available now. Interviews with the enigmatic Terror Cell Unit; cultural terrorists deep exploration into the nature and themes of their militaristic approach to music, Bacillus first ever public interview sine 1993, discussing a broad cross section of diseases and pandemics, And Subklinik's first interview as well, discussing daily affairs and the processes and motivations behind the legacy of the project. Also included is collage artwork including a piece from Paul Kerin of Fieldwork label New York City. 30 Pages B/W Zine. Edition of 200 copies. We are offering a low shipping cost for international orders.


Will be distributed by: White Centipede Noise, Total Black, Freak Animal and Analog Worship.


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