NF65 SCUM - Literary Fragment 3" CDR

NF65 SCUM - Literary Fragment 3" CDR
      Tokyo Japan's ultra precision harsh noise unit SCUM is here to kill your ear drums. Spasstic and unrelenting static waves tightly wound up and untraveled to be layered, twisted, looped, chopped, cut-up, re-plugged and processed further by other means. "Literary Fragment" was recorded live with no overdubs and cut up sections that are nothing short of extreme. Scrap metal treachery and sound box oscillations shredded and recombined. Intricate pulses and switches into other channels working in separate sound frequencies. Scum's "Literary Fragment" is pure sonic destruction in all aspects of the tradition. Hail Japan. Hand numbered 3" CDR in pocket sleeve. Edition of 50.

NF64 Stress Orphan - Caliber 3" CDR

NF64 Stress Orphan -  Caliber 3" CDR
      From honing into a character sound to shooting a bulls-eye in each target, Caliber is another one shot one kill for Stress Orphan. Every track on this disc is a shot your skull with the impact of a high caliber bullet.  In the stable of East Coast power electronics, Stress Orphan has bootstrapped it's way to consistency. Sound technician Eric Trude decimates on Caliber with the tactical approach to weapons raids through power electronics. A hard examination of the second amendment under siege. Hand numbered CDR in pocket sleeve. Edition of 50.

NF63 Plagues - Parasitic Symbiosis 3" CDR

NF63 Plagues - Parasitic Symbiosis 3" CDR
      Brandon Hill's work with Plagues needs no introduction here. Parasitic Symbiosis deploys a stripped down approach to a signature sound. Five tracks downright guttural in their delivery, the pummeling ferocity of the sounds and changes on this release are hard to put to words. "Vile Leech" serves to display the height of Plagues sound,  which juxtaposes beauty and intensity as motif of the project. "Hiding In Plain Sight" intricate in its sound work, has drone elements and serve as a nice wind down after the emotional rollarcoaster of  the album.  In application of sound textures, modular synthesis, sampling, distortion and feedback, Parasitic Symbiosis places each element in perfect succession for the listener to follow. Further review  of the release from Jim Haras (Fusty Cunt):Plagues is better than you. No, really. In every sense of the word. And to top it off he will say he’s the worst. So what does that truly make you? For the past few years, Brandon’s work with Plagues seems to have taken a backseat due to other obligations, although the sound has sat somewhere in the realm of depressive power electronics. Slowly moving, garage asphyxiating rather than a gun to the head or jumping in front of the subway. While the depression aspect is not gone, this short burst of 5 tracks hits you harder…faster…stronger. Strangling you while bashing your head against a wall. This better be light shed on future endeavors because, frankly, we need more of this. Straight forward PE with enough character to call his own. So draw a bath, relax and cut those wrists. Let exsanguination do the rest. INFERNAL HAILS!. Hand numbered CDR in color pocket sleeve. Edition of 50.

NF62 Zusammenbruch Rehearsal 2020 3" CDR

NF62 Zusammenbruch Rehearsal 2020 3" CDR
      Flashing, striding, steadfast pursuit of societal ruin and social sterility. Zusammenbruch aims to arrive first at the finish line of the rat race. Grit your teeth for this 16 minutes of a molotov cocktail in your ears. Three rehearsal tracks, "No Surrender", "Corpse Of The Real", and "New Gods" recorded in the rehearsal room in Chicago, IL February 2020. These recordings solidify the addition of Rick Flores (Capture & Exploit) to the ranks of Zusammenbruch, adding a further negative atmosphere to the projects duel vocal attack power electronics. These recordings remind me of Chicago's contemporary artists like Disgust and Constrictions' stripped down style that makes you want to put your mouth on a curb of a sidewalk. Each cover art is distinct. Hand numbered CDR in color pocket sleeve. Edition of 50.

NF61 The Vomit Arsonist "Bridgewater" 3" CDR

NF61 The Vomit Arsonist "Bridgewater" 3" CDR
      The Vomit Arsonist's intrepid approach to life behind the walls of Bridgewater institution for the criminally insane in one word: Visionary. Originally presented live in 2015 with a specific video accompaniment, the audio is presented here remastered for cd format. Hollows of murky death industrial lead to chambers of institutionalized depravity, creating an atmosphere of suffocation and confinement. Outbursts of vocalizations eventually work their way into the piece and create new movements. For over a decade now, The Vomit Arsonist has built a signature lens for examining existential nihilism as it exists in our modern world. Regarding "Bridgewater; we are shown the time old truth: "A society’s treatment of the least of its citizens — and surely these are the least of ours — is perhaps the best measure of its civilization." Hand numbered CDR in pocket sleeve. Edition of 50.

Striations "Trauma Code" 26 Page Zine

Striations "Trauma Code"  26 Page Zine

     It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Striations Trauma Code Zine! 26 fun pages of extremely graphic depictions of human carnage resulting from trains, planes, and automobiles. Compiles many of the main art pieces used for Trauma Code One and Two tapes including a bunch of exploratory and unused artwork inspired by the tapes aesthetic enviornment. Utmost attention to detail is deployed in each piece and no expense was spared in the creation of this zine, as some archival pieces date back to 2016. All artwork by M. Finklea & contributions from N. Desuah (Body Carve/Gutterbloat). 26 Page Mixed Black And White / Color Zine. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Edition of 50.  

Nefarious Activities Issue #2 (Terror Cell Unit,Bacillus,Subklinik) 30 Pages B/W Zine

Nefarious Activities Issue #2
                 Issue 2 of Nefarious Activities zine is available now. Interviews with the enigmatic Terror Cell Unit; cultural terrorists deep exploration into the nature and themes of their militaristic approach to music, Bacillus first ever public interview sine 1993, discussing a broad cross section of diseases and pandemics, And Subklinik's first interview as well, discussing daily affairs and the processes and motivations behind the legacy of the project. Also included is collage artwork including a piece from Paul Kerin of Fieldwork label New York City. 30 Pages B/W Zine. Edition of 200 copies. We are offering a low shipping cost for international orders.


Will be distributed by: White Centipede Noise, Total Black, Freak Animal and Analog Worship.